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Friday, August 27th 2010

BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND Makes Beautiful Clothing Together


I'm going to be honest with you: I didn’t always know much about fashion. At one point, my sartorial knowledge consisted entirely of phrases I had overheard while my girlfriend watched Project Runway, and I stopped just short of concluding my Shopbop cover letter with a terse "Auf wiedersehen." Jen, my girlfriend, saw what I had written and gently encouraged me to do some actual research on the topic before writing a second draft. Many copies of Vogue later and here I am, waxing poetic about how to choose between a balconette and a plunge bra.

As well as Jen and I work together, we shouldn’t literally work together every day. The bickering and subsequent smooching would ensure that nothing profitable could ever happen. This is why BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND is so impressive. Sweetheart designers Kevin Circosta and Rachel Pally are a cohesive unit: encouraging, complementing, and inspiring. Except for the fact that when Rachel Pally borrowed her boyfriend's well-worn plaid button-down it became the impetus for their new line, I imagine they have a relationship similar to mine and Jen's.


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