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Friday, May 9th 2014

Break Time: A Look Back

While spring is a time for new beginnings, I’ve been stuck in a reflective mood. This feeling of nostalgia has me seeking out articles about the past. Here are just a few I found: one funny, one interesting, and one intellectual. Enjoy!

Scoring a great vintage find is one of the best feelings in shopping. But I think I might pass on this steal—the sheep dung part really turns me off.

Setting aside any opinions you might have on the morality of aquariums and live aquatic animal shows, the plans for the original SeaWorld are a fascinating read. To have had that kind of vision in 1961 is amazing.
[The Atlantic]

Common art history is dominated by men, but artist Annie Kevans is looking to change that. Her latest piece seeks to shine a light on the women who influenced their times and deserve recognition.
[anOther Magazine]

--Libby S.

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