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Friday, April 11th 2014

Break Time: All About The Clothes

I’m in major spring cleaning mode, and the target for this weekend is my closet. The process of organizing my wardrobe got me thinking about clothes, which led to me searching about clothes, a lot. The three articles below are the result of the internet rabbit hole I fell into while I was absolutely not supposed to be working on something else.

Fashion history can be fascinating or just plain weird—we’re talking live reptile brooches here, people. BuzzFeed collected 71 of the wildest clothing facts out there. I found number 66 to be particularly interesting.

Style trends also have a crazy history of their own. The Smithsonian covers the current “Trend-ology” exhibit at the Museum at FIT. I never knew the tumultuous origins of yellow.

I’ve heard of sales inducing riots, but never the actual pieces of clothing themselves. Mental Floss proves how wrong I was.
[Mental Floss]

--Libby S.

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