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Friday, May 3rd 2013

Break Time: Beauty, Banksy, and Boxers

Focus fades fast when the weekend’s mere hours away, so enjoy a quick break with a few of our favorite finds from the week.

Did you ever wonder what the color of fashion is? Pick a word and this site will scour Flickr for images that match. The result is an amazing rainbow of layered colors. “Inspired” is one of our faves.
[The Color Of]

Spilling has never been this beautiful. Photographer Manon Wethly hurled beverages into the air and captured high-speed images of surprisingly aesthetic droplets.
[Junk Culture]

I am Banksy. Just kidding. But this article takes a hard look at the anonymous artist behind the controversial—and valuable—street art decorating walls across the world.

It’s a question posed to bachelors and presidents alike: boxers or briefs? Collector’s Weekly dives deep into the history of undergarments and explains how we ended up with those two choices.
[Collectors Weekly]

--Libby S.

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