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Friday, June 21st 2013

Break Time: Blue Water, Green Graffiti & Red Peppers

Today is the first day of summer! Wouldn’t you like to celebrate by sitting near the ocean, in a vast garden of greenery, with a hot plate of spicy food? Or, you can just read these articles and dream.

The fact that water is blue is hammered into our brains from the first time we grab a crayon. But, actually, water colors can range from deep navy to chalky pink. Mental Floss explains why.
[Mental Floss]

Graffiti is the scourge of many cities, but a few artists are giving it an eco-friendly spin. While still illegal, green graffiti cleans the air while bringing plant life into an urban setting.
[Bettery Magazine]

As a lover of all things spicy—there are currently 11 hot sauces in my fridge—this article on the world’s hottest chili peppers is a must-read. It fits in perfectly with my life motto: “If your mouth isn’t on fire, you’re not having fun.”
[Smithsonian Magazine]

--Libby S.

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