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Friday, October 4th 2013

Break Time: Cronuts, Donuts & Fruit

On Fridays in an office, the baked goods come in like clockwork. Shopbop is no different, and this morning, the sticky scent of sugar sent me searching for some equally sweet links.

Much like the cupcake and macaroon before it, the end is near for the latest must-have dessert: the cronut.
[Bon Appetit]

I’ll usually pass on the donuts, but now I’ll think twice about what I grab instead. Mother Jones took a look at some popular “healthy” foods and compared their shocking sugar contents to the fried and glazed treat.
[Mother Jones]

And, just for balance, fruit art! For their 2014 menswear presentation, Kenzo prepared a huge “rug” of colorful fruit. Rumor has it that guests were even allowed to snack on the delicious design.
[Junk Culture]

--Libby S.

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