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Friday, February 14th 2014

Break Time: Love is in the Air

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m not a big advocate for this heart-themed holiday. Don’t get me wrong—I welcome any excuse to chill with my husband over a bottle of wine and House of Cards season two—but cookies, PDA, sappy cards, and roses aren’t really my thing. What is my thing? Scouring the interwebs for cool articles, naturally. In the spirit of love, here are a few interesting pieces perfect for V-Day.

There are plenty of anti-Valentine’s Day options out there—playlists, movies, parties—but this takes the cake. In the mid-1800s, vinegar valentines were a huge hit. Basically, they were mean and catty cards meant to be sent the people in your life. So much for “Be Mine.”
[Collectors Weekly]

Finding a spouse was not on my radar in college, but at Northwestern University, it’s a point of study. While it sounds like a cake class, Marriage 101 students study everything from the history of marriage to deep self-reflection about conflict styles, giving this class the same reputation as a hard-earned grade.
[The Atlantic]

Many people will venture out for dinner and a movie tonight, and while they’ll do everything they can to make it a special and unique experience, chances are the movie will be startlingly similar to something from the past. Grantland takes a look at Hollywood’s love of remakes.

--Libby S.

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