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Friday, November 8th 2013

Break Time: Mug Shots, Everyday Art & Movie Quotes

A rare plan-free weekend is ahead of me and I am incredibly excited. That’s two full days of appointment/obligation-less bliss. I’m going to catch up on some reading, cook for fun, and maybe stroll through the last Farmer’s Market of the season. Hopefully you also have a great weekend coming up. Before it starts, enjoy my favorite links of the week.

Epic mug shots have their place in pop culture, from cringe-worthy celeb shots to works of art à la Andy Warhol. But nothing compares to the criminal swag these 1920s gangsters project. Can we bring back the standing pose?
[The Meta Picture]

Some people see the world differently. An orange slice isn’t just a citrusy treat, it’s an opportunity to create. Illustrator Javier Pérez Estrella takes everyday objects and transforms them into simple and delightful drawings.

Quoting movies is almost a national pastime, so of course BuzzFeed came up with a list of what your favorite movie quote says about you. Find your go-to and prepare to laugh because the classics are all there, explained in perfectly snarky prose.

--Libby S.

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