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Friday, September 13th 2013

Break Time: Poison Rings, Lisa Frank, & Snobbery

New York Fashion Week is over and editors everywhere are jet-setting off to London, Milan, and then Paris. Before the next round of collections hits the runways, enjoy some of my favorite non-fashion related links from around the web.

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have uncovered a fashionable counterpart to Bond movie spy gadgets: a hollow bronze ring, perfect for pouring a portion of poison into san unlucky soul’s drink.

This is epic. Lisa Frank—yes, Lisa Frank of unicorns, rainbows, stickers, and stars—gave a rare interview and inside look at her offices. You gotta watch it!
[The Hairpin]

Science is looking into the reason we like things we think are fancy. Seems that $10 bottle of wine might actually be just as good as a rare Burgundy after all.
[The Atlantic]

--Libby S.

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