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Friday, November 1st 2013

Break Time: The Maestro, Jellyfish & Selfies

It’s official. The gloomy grey of fall has set in. The only remedy is a cozy sweater, a glass of wine, and some engaging reading material. To start you off, here are my three favorite links from this week. Enjoy!

The Lion King is my favorite animated movie, and one of the biggest reasons is the music. The score matches the story so perfectly, it’s almost its own character. So, I was very excited when BuzzFeed got a rare look inside the studio of the legendary man behind the music, Hans Zimmer.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, we have jellyfish-killing robots. Apparently, the gelatinous little creatures are a real danger, moving in blooms hundreds of thousands strong. A Korean robotics team has a solution with a lawn mower-like machine that pulverizes the menace, protecting the beaches with automated accuracy. The video is scary to watch, but also oddly fascinating.
[Fast Co.Exist]

Selfies—you either love them (and take them) or hate them (and mock them). To celebrate the 44th birthday of the Internet, Grantland looked into the history of the digital self-portrait. Who knew we had MySpace to thank?

--Libby S.

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