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Friday, February 21st 2014

Break Time: The Past, The Present & The Future

Anyone who deals with cold weather—which is most everyone this year, thanks to the polar vortex—knows that February is both the shortest and the longest month. While I’m shocked that it’s almost March already, I’m also 100% positive that it’s been winter for nearly a year. Time is strange like that—it’s a concept that can turn your brain to mush with too much consideration. But don’t worry, I’ve made thinking about time easy with three articles looking at the past, the present, and the future. Enjoy!

I’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of my childhood, or even of “the good old days” before I was born (hello two-martini lunch!), and marketers know this. From the internet to TV ads, the public is being bombarded more than ever with blasts from the past asking them to buy something. The Atlantic looked into the reason behind the increase in using nostalgia for commercial gains.
[The Atlantic]

The only time it will ever be “now” is now. Well, I mean “now.” This is where the mind-melting usually starts, but BuzzFeed took the complicated idea of time and broke it down in an easily digestible fact list.

The future always holds grandiose promises of incredible technology (still waiting on my jet pack) and problem resolutions (replicator-made food) but major advances take time and are more likely to happen on a smaller scale. For example, the field of biometrics is booming, but some of the latest gains are coming from an unusual source: tattoos.

--Libby S.

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