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Tuesday, May 26th 2009

When in Rome: Cali Edition—How to Dress Like a Local without Looking Like a Wannabe

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Hi dolls, I am writing to you from 10,000 feet in the air, on my way back from the City of Angels. I took advantage of the long weekend to convince my childhood bestie to meet me in LA for absolutely no reason other than she’s never been to California, and I was itching to cruise around in a Mustang convertible (no shame, baby!). I’ve been up to my ears in deadlines, fall previews, and the anticipation of a jam-packed summer and needed three full days of no agenda to recharge my fashion batteries.

Meg and I rockin’ the white-hot Mustang convertible—no shame!

I don’t know if it is my astrological destiny (I am a Pisces, and we love to wear costumes), but I find the best part of traveling is embracing the culture, especially when it comes to fashion. On a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island, with the stylish Marsha Welcher of Thayer, we showed up with weekend bags chock-full of nautical stripes and boat shoes. And just as I wore sleek black cigarette pants, classic ballet flats, and boy-meets-girl blazers and button-downs while in Paris, I set out to accomplish a similar fashion show while in LA. So to pack for my California weekend, I put the Eagles on repeat on my iPod, The Hills on mute in the background, and tried to channel me some Kate Hudson while surveying my closet. I’ve found that dressing like a local but still managing to feel like yourself is as simple as 1-2-3.

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