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Thursday, August 22nd 2013

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! The Story Behind One Girl’s Evolving Locks

It seems that Editorial Stylist Anna Brugge changes her hair with her outfits, dyeing her dark locks to blond or blue or ombré, and then cropping them to a cute pixie cut. Here, she offers a little insight to the method behind her hair madness.

Let me start by being honest: when it comes to my hair, I get bored pretty easily. Living in New York and looking at blogs, I’m constantly seeing the coolest hairstyles and colors. I've always had dark hair, which made it impossible to try hair chalk or a semi-permanent color. So one day, I decided to strip my hair. From there, the choices and possibilities were endless, and I found myself wanting to try them all!

Changing my hair so frequently has been so much fun. It's a constant art project and has definitely brought out different aspects of my personality. For example, I now understand that blonds do have more fun!

But challenges come with the fun. Upkeep is tough, and frequent dyeing is super hard on your locks. That’s what prompted me to adopt my current pixie cut. Although I did get the itch again and am already back to blond from my natural dark brown. And then there’s the question of what to wear. What goes with pink hair? With green? I’ve learned to keep the wardrobe simple and monochromatic when the hair is crazy.

Basically, I love how fun it is to experiment with different styles and colors. I never totally know how it’s going to turn out, which is the exciting part!


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