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Tuesday, July 21st 2009

Collecting Sunglasses: Every Wardrobe is Sunnier with Shades

There’s a scene in The Princess Diaries 2 (stay with me here, and don’t pretend you didn’t love that movie) where Anne Hathaway’s character opens a door to a closet dreams (and Disney movies) are made of, and nestled among the endless pairs of shoes and brilliant racks of clothes is drawer upon drawer of sunglasses. I want those drawers. Not necessarily the same styles, but certainly the same volume as that fictional closet.

Now that I’ve outed myself as one who watches The Princess Diaries, let’s get to the point. A collection of sunnies is as essential to the style conscious as a great collection of shoes, because while those Ray-Ban aviators are endlessly cool, they don’t always work with what you’re wearing. And let’s face it, it’s nice to have a little variety.

But how to start building this fabled collection? Though we may dream of drawers of shades, most of us don’t have a remote-controlled closet, so let’s leave the fantasy behind and think about a few select styles with versatility and range. Aviators are a must (like the Ray-Bans already mentioned), as is something a little retro-playful, like throwback Carrera sunglasses or classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers. These styles will cover your everyday cool-kid looks. For the glam side of things, look to a pair of round Chloé sunglasses—cheeky and luxurious—or something oversized from Oliver Peoples or Marc Jacobs.

And, of course, you should have a pair that just tickles your fancy. For a little frivolity, something fashion-forward by Lanvin or Proenza Schouler would do, but I’ve got my eye on Super Sunglasses, particularly the Crystal style with its clear frames, iridescent mirrored lenses, and totally fall-appropriate ’80s undertones.

That puts the count at four—a respectable start to any collection. Once you hit ten, you might want to look into a set of drawers.


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