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Wednesday, September 7th 2011

Color Crush: Raspberry

When it comes to colors, I generally think of myself as an island, pretending that my palette preferences exist outside of fashion dictates. I use definitive phrases like “aqua is my favorite color” and “I don’t like pink.” I’ve only recently admitted to myself that certain shades—much like pant silhouettes and trendy bars—move in and out of fashion.

Raspberry, the moment’s it-hue, has caused me to re-evaluate a lifetime of narrow-minded pink avoidance. I wasn’t that surprised when I fell in love with a berry-toned pair of Jenni Kayne heels (my operant philosophy in regard to shoes is “go bold or go barefoot”), but I was surprised to find my heart stolen by Hervé Léger and DVF dresses in the same delectable hue. After much deliberation, I decided my first pink purchase as a grown woman should fall somewhere between full frock and little pop, so I opted for a fresh and fetching Tory Burch bag in the shade. Now, to settle on a pair of shoes to match…


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