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Wednesday, May 13th 2009

customer service chic

Shopbop’s Customer Service reps are the voice of shopbop. They field questions from shoppers every day about everything from style advice to fit tips, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re a pretty stylish bunch. Want a behind-the-scenes peek? Meet LaToya:


T: First things first: what are you wearing?

L: I’m wearing Camilla Skovgaard’s Metallic Ankle Buckle High Heel Sandals, J Brand jeans, a blouse by Madison Marcus, and my grandmother's vintage bracelet and pearls.

T: I love the mix of vintage and modern. Is that how you would describe your personal style? How has your style changed since you started working at shopbop?

L: I would describe my personal style as sassy with a 1950s flair! My look has definitely evolved quite a bit since I’ve been at shopbop. In the past I would have described myself as a brand snob but not anymore! I’m constantly trying different designers for customers, and that’s opened me up to a whole new world of styles, fabrics, and fits.

T: What is the best tip you give to shopbop shoppers when they call in for advice on building an outfit?

L: I think the best tip is always to dress for your body type and enhance your best feature–that way you’ll always look good. It’s also important not to be closed-minded when it comes to trying new styles, because you could be missing out on that PERFECT pair of jeans that hug your butt just right. Who knows, those jeans could help you get that man of your dreams.

T: You’re at your desk every day, on the phone. Do you have advice on how to stay cubicle chic?

L: Work is a great time to break in those new shoes, since you won’t be on your feet all day!


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