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Monday, March 21st 2011

Designer Inspiration: Doo.Ri Spring 2011

Sketch and finished product: the Doo.Ri Long Sleeve Draped Dress.

Doo-Ri Chung’s spring 2011 collection is a study in complex minimalism. A neutral, monochromatic color palette mixes with interesting textures and the label’s signature draping for an understated aesthetic that defies simplicity. This theme of conflicting ideas has informed Chung’s sensibility since she launched Doo.Ri in 2003. “In my creative process, I am constantly thinking of juxtapositions of fixed versus fluid, tailored versus unconstructed,” she says. “New ways of approaching how women dress is a constant source of inspiration for me.”

We asked the designer to explain her approach to a single piece from the current collection. Here’s how she described designing the Long Sleeve Draped Dress:

“This dress was supposed to be something completely different. I had a specific design in mind when I started draping it on the mannequin, and it just evolved to this. You cannot always sketch exactly how things will turn out when draping, and you’ll discover great lines and elements of the silhouette as you’re playing with the jersey on the form.”


For her spring 2011 collection, Doo-Ri Chung channeled an icy, monochromatic aesthetic.

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