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Thursday, March 6th 2014

Diaries of a Home Renovation: Dining Room Decorating

Loni, the voice behind Ask Shopbop, just moved into a new house last year and started renovating. Since then, she’s been tackling her to-do list one project at a time.

Post-renovation, what used to feel like a breezeway is now a welcoming dining room.

The cold-weather months have given us ample time to get some great projects done at the house. The first order of winter business was the dining room. Something about the space felt bland—almost like it was more a breezeway or pass-through than a room you’d want to park in for a while and enjoy a meal.  My fellow stylist, Elise, was over one day, and she suggested putting bold wallpaper above the chair rail to really define the space. I loved the idea! We found a vintage wallpaper source and spotted a cool floral-meets-chinoiserie print in the perfect color palette. With the balance of our large hutch now painted in the same white as our trim, the paper doesn't make the room feel too dark. We added a geometric Turkish rug, a grandmother clock we painted black, some warm mid-century chairs, and a lighting scheme that stays true to the age of the house while still injecting some bright personality. Now the room feels cozy and demands just the right amount of attention when you walk through the front door. Coming soon, we're headed upstairs for our next bathroom remodel….


A center piece display of fruit and fresh flowers livens up the entire space.

Dark wallpaper and white accents achieve the perfect balance of brightness and warmth.

Loni’s catahoula leopard dog, Klaus.

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