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Friday, August 2nd 2013

Diaries of a Home Renovation: Outfitting the Living Room

Loni, the voice behind Ask Shopbop, just moved into a new house and started renovating. This summer, she’s tackling her to-do list one project at a time.

Our most recent project has been outfitting the living room. Overall, the house is shaping up to have a strong black and white theme, so we whitewashed the walls, took down the ’60s window coverings, and gave the windows themselves a makeover by painting the frames true black. It's been really fun figuring out how our furniture fits best in the house, and of course a few new items have snuck in, too!

Bright colors add life to the neutral backdrop, and we played with scale to keep the eyes moving throughout the space. On the other side of the room, we masked the tired tiling around the fireplace with serious primer and gave it a second coat of white semigloss. We took high-temp paint to the fireplace box—which was grey cement block—and finished the scene with a simple black screen, bright oil painting, and crazy-cool candelabras that I found at a local antique shop. It's turning out to be a fun space to relax!

We've been playing games around the oversized coffee table and having breakfast at the glass-topped table in the corner. Next month I hope to share our front yard landscaping project—right now it's just big holes and even bigger piles of dirt. We've got a long way to go, wish me luck!


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