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Friday, March 27th 2009

dominant jeans


Back in January, I posted my fashion resolution for 2009: expand my denim horizons. And unlike most folks who dump their New Year’s resolution by mid-Feb, I’m still adhering to mine like industrial-strength glue. My main objective? To finally venture away from denim’s failsafe Holy Trinity (Citizens of Humanity, Joe’s Jeans, 7 For All Mankind) and trade in my standard boot cuts for some other sizzling silhouettes.

If the Anlo jeans pictured above were a man, we’d be registering for fancy stemware right about now. The Ava Skinny’s higher rise helps me follow Rule #1 in jean shopping: Avoid the “whale tail” at all costs.   (Not familiar with this poor denim fit phenomenon? Check out denimblog.com, third pic down, for a frighteningly graphic illustration. Oy.)
The Avas rest a figure-flattering two fingers below my belly button, a handy (no pun intended) guide when you want to know where a natural rise should be. But just because their rise is higher doesn’t mean these are your mom’s jeans—well, unless your mom is insanely sexy.  The fabrication is stretchy so as to eschew the painted-on look, and the dark rinse goes everywhere from the office to a rock club. Plus, there’s no need to hem—these look even fiercer scrunched at the ankles with a pair of Camilla Skovgaard stilettos peeking out. 

Next target on my denim hit list: an LTR with the perfect boyfriend jeans. Wish me luck!

Tell me, ladies, do you have one pair of sick jeans that trumps all others?  Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions? Do you know of any other awesomely bad terms for ill-fitting pants?


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