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Thursday, January 10th 2013

Dress Up Your iPhone, iPad, or Tablet

Show of hands: who got a new gadget this holiday season? It’s the time of year when dinosaur digital finally gets retired in favor of shiny new models, and you’re going to need to outfit these constant companions. Below, the pros and cons of your tech accessory options.

Pro: Designed to live on the phone, the sturdy plastic protects the device’s shiny outer shell.
Con: These styles can be tough to take off once they’re on (not impossible, just a little more stubborn). It’s something to consider if you have a docking station that requires you to remove the case.
Favorite brands: Diane von Furstenberg, Jagger Edge, Rebecca Minkoff.

Formfitting Shell
Pro: Also designed to live on the phone, the flexible nature of silicone (think rubber) makes it easy to remove the case and gives it a soft feel.
Con: The rubber-like texture means the phone can stick a little when sliding into or out of a fitted pocket.
Favorite brands: Marc by Marc JacobsTory Burch.

Pro: Sleeves cover the entire phone, protecting the body and the screen. (And Moschino’s styles are pretty darn cute.)
Con: When your phone rings, act fast. There’s an extra step of removing it from its sleeve before swiping to answer.
Favorite brand: Moschino


Pro: Functioning much like a hardshell phone case, this style will protect your iPad’s shiny exterior.
Con: The screen is left uncovered. Consider a screen guard or pair the hardshell case with an iPad sleeve.
Favorite brands: Moschino, Jonathan Adler, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Pro: The most popular (and functional) of the tablet case styles, the folio protects front and back, and lets you use your iPad while it’s safely nestled within.
Con: We can’t think of a single one.
Favorite brands: Alexander Wang, Rebecca Minkoff, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent

Pro: Much like a computer sleeve, the tablet sleeve is padded and secure.
Con: Out of the sleeve, your device is naked. Consider a secondary level of protection with a hardshell case.
Favorite brands: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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