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Thursday, October 21st 2010

Earrings: Mix ‘Em, Match ‘Em, or Let ‘Em Fly Solo!

Conventional wisdom is so, well, conventional. For example, there is the enduring myth that earrings must be worn in pairs or, worse still, that these pairs have to match. Enough is enough. Whether it's using Jennifer Meyer's whimsical stud earrings to spell out a flirty message or dealing yourself an inside straight with Marc Jacobs's House of Cards earrings, you don't have to buy into the matching pair hegemony anymore.

Take flight into the mismatched yonder with Fleet Jewelry. Their single earrings remix a few basic elements, like oversized links and chain fringe, which can be worn separately or together. As your boldness grows, balance a sweeping dangle earring with a petite stud. Then throw caution to the wind and put on that big, single feather earring (the one by Alkemie Jewelry has tickled our fancy). Defying convention has never looked so graceful.

-- Jason

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