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Thursday, November 7th 2013

East Dane Edition: Vuarnet Sunglasses

I like the chill that’s coming on at the East Dane offices. It means autumn is here. From a fashion point of view, it’s the best time of the year. I get to break out the sweaters and boots and outerwear—all the gear that makes a wardrobe great. And it’s no time to forget about the eyes. The right pair of sunny-gees, for however you’re living, is crucial.

Specialized eyewear is not a new concept, but it’s easily overlooked for the sake for fashion. For more than 50 years the designers and sunglasses experts at Vuarnet have making people look good and protecting their eyes.

In 1957 Roger Pouilloux and Joseph Hatchiguian created a new style of sunglasses, the Skilynx Acier, specifically for skiers in the Alps. Their design won over the French Ski Federation, and in 1960 Jean Vuarnet took home gold at the Squaw Valley Olympic Games wearing their sunglasses. Using the recognition of Vuarnet’s name, the Skilynx Aciers were rebranded. The Vuarnet brand was born, and with it came an increased demand for high-quality eyewear that focused on fit and performance.

Vuarnet hit the American market hard in the 1980s, as the official sponsor of the Los Angeles Olympics. Simply put, Vuarnet blew up. Every day was a Vuarnet day. Their gear was everywhere, and not just at the beach or on the mountains—it was a hit across the country. Then as trends do, Vuarnet fell out of favor.

But here’s what makes the Vuarnet story great: they never stopped making high-end, performance-driven sunglasses. The ideals that lead to the Skilynx, are still the guiding force of the brand today. Vuarnet has continued to develop new technology by studying the way light enters the eye— directly or via a reflection—and they take into account what it is reflecting off. And all styles are made in France, with mineral lenses.

Now, 50 years deep in eyewear, Vuarnet is as committed as ever to the creating great shades. It’s an iconic brand that offers more than just a name. Its mineral lenses and stylish frames are its legacy, and the brand’s continued development shows its commitment to making the right sunglasses for whatever you’re doing.


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