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Monday, August 31st 2009

Elle Favorite Fall Accessories

It pays to call in the pros, and nowhere is this truer than in fashion. That’s why we asked Kyle Anderson, Senior Accessories Editor at Elle magazine, to check out our fall accessories and pick some of the best. An Alexander Wang bag? Of course. But a few things you might not guess also made the list.

Some highlights:

Golden Goose Boots
Kyle says: “Love the height and the metal details. They don’t look like what people think of as ‘cowboy boots,’ they’re young, cool, and urban.”

Giuseppe Zanotti Over the Knee Boots
Kyle says: “For girls who are afraid of buying over-the-knee boots. The matte embossed croc makes these super luxe and totally not Pretty Woman.”

BE & D Handbag
Kyle says: “We shot this for Elle right after the collections showed in Europe. It’s a cool bag for going out when you don’t do clutches and need to carry more than your phone.”

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