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Tuesday, December 7th 2010

Fashion Insider 5 Favorites: Anne Sage of Rue Magazine & The City Sage

This month, we’re featuring a few favorites from some of our best-loved online fashion folks. Check back every day for new answers to these five favorite questions, then hop over to our Fashion Insider Wish List feature to see what these insiders are wishing for this holiday season.

Anne Sage is the cofounder and executive editor of Rue Magazine, an online interiors and entertaining publication with a fashion and lifestyle sensibility. She also founded The City Sage, a blog that features daily inspiration for fashion and interior design. Anne lives in San Francisco.  

Anne’s 5 Favorites:

Favorite Movie:
“I’m actually a TV girl—I don't have the patience for movies—and I’ll happily admit to having watched Arrested Development four times in its entirety.”

Favorite Band:
“I know this makes me terribly pedestrian, but my heart belongs to Dave Matthews Band. No one writes a love lyric like Dave.”

Favorite City: Nice, France
“What’s not to love about lounging on the beach all day and eating olives all night?”

Favorite Restaurant: Peppers, Pacific Grove, California
“The best Mexican food you’ll ever eat, with the waves of the Pacific crashing on the shore. Heaven.”

Favorite Holiday Memory:
“Waking up at 4 am and discovering that Santa Claus had brought me a dollhouse—the beginning of a lifelong love affair with interior design.”

* Illustration by Dallas Shaw.

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