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Monday, December 6th 2010

Fashion Insider 5 Favorites: Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power of Who What Wear

For the next two and a half weeks, we’ll be featuring a few favorites from some of our best-loved online fashion folks. Check back every day for new answers to these five favorite questions, then hop over to our Fashion Insider Wish List feature to see what these insiders are wishing for this holiday season.

Cofounders of Who What Wear, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr both worked as editors at some of the country’s top fashion glossies before launching their own multimedia brand. Under the umbrella of Who What Wear, Power and Kerr work together to create daily content for WhoWhatWear.com and Who What Wear Daily (the email newsletter), as well as special web series. Last year, the duo coauthored the acclaimed book, Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life.

Hillary’s 5 Favorites:

“Um, who could pick just one? How about my top five favorites: Rushmore, Heathers, Vertigo, Reality Bites, La Reine Margot.”

“The Black Keys or Florence and the Machine!”

“San Francisco, Sydney, London.”

“Anything Mario Batali.”

Holiday Memory:
“I’m obsessed with food, so all of my favorite holiday memories involve cooking with my mom. When I was little, we had all the neighborhood kids over to come decorate Christmas cookies, but now that I’m a grown-up, our time in the kitchen usually involves a Mark Bittman recipe, bacon, and the consumption of a not-insignificant amount of wine.

Katherine’s 5 Favorites:

“It’s a tie between Troop Beverly Hills and American Psycho.”

“Prince, always and forever!”

“Beverly Hills, Paris, Palm Springs.”

“Mr. Chow or Katsuya sushi.”

Holiday Memory:
“When I was nine, I got a diamond ring in my stocking. It’s all I wanted that year. It was literally a chip, but I was nine, so to me it was the most glamorous rock I’d ever seen!”

* Illustration by Dallas Shaw.

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