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Friday, December 10th 2010

Fashion Insider 5 Favorites: Jenn Camp of Le Fashion

Fashion Insider Wish List feature to see what these insiders are wishing for this holiday season.

A grad student at Columbia University in the Psychological Counseling program, Jenn Camp runs five blogs: Le Fashion, Le Love, Olsens Anonymous, Etc, and Le Smoking. She lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and their two dogs.

Jenn’s 5 Favorites:

Favorite Movie: Manhattan by Woody Allen

Favorite Band: No Doubt
“I was a Gwenabee growing up—LOL.”

Favorite City: New York City

Favorite Restaurant: El Mariachi
“A cheap Mexican place in Queens.”

Favorite Holiday Memory:
“One year my family and I had to travel on Christmas Eve. We had ordered car service to get to the airport, and a limo showed up instead. There was a huge snowstorm, and the limo got stuck at the end of our street. We ended up having to carry our luggage down the street and through the snow—of course slipping all the way there. Then to top it off, my mom, dad, sister, and I had to help push the limo out of the snow bank. It was hilarious and just so ridiculous—it is one of our best holiday memories.”

* Illustration by Dallas Shaw.

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