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Thursday, September 17th 2009

Fashion Week Memories

The van cone is the ultimate accessory outside the tents!

I'm on my way home, back to the SB studios, another fashion week down. As absolutely exhausted as I am, I can't help but be disappointed the week is over. Getting to eat, sleep, and breathe fashion with my favorite partner in crime, Kate, is always so fun and inspiring–we laugh about how giddy we get during the shows, constantly jabbing each other in the sides while furiously scribbling down highlights, ooh-ing (and sometimes eww-ing!) at the new styles.

And the mood in N.Y.C. has been so refreshing and friendly. A few angels have come to my rescue over the past week, from the owner of Stanton Grocery who found my wallet (his son Facebooked me to track me down! Awesome, right?) to the cobbler at Cowboy Boot Hospital who fixed the heels on my Isabel Marants and Jean-Michel Cazabats in 10 minutes to the guards at the tents who let me into the Hervé Léger show even though I was late. (I made it to my seat just as the lights came down!)

I made some new friends and reconnected with old ones. I saw some great new collections and built up my calves doing it. And best of all, I have a brainful of new inspiration from the street and the runway to bring back to Shopbop!

This week is the building block for the coming spring, and let me tell you, it’s solid! Kate and I are so excited, and we CAN'T wait to let you guys in on it! For all of you watching the shows online, let us know what you loved and hated!

Oh N.Y.C., I heart you!
See you soon!


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