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Wednesday, October 28th 2009

Favorite Blogger: Carey from Corks and Caftans

At Shopbop, we spend a lot of time reading magazines and blogs, chalking it up to research (it is, we swear). And though our list of bookmarked sites is long, there are a few favorites we can’t help but check out every day. This week, we’re talking to the stylish ladies behind some of our favorite fashion blogs.

This favorite blogger is actually three, but we have to admit we’re partial to Carey’s sense of style. Launched in 2008, Corks and Caftans chronicles newlyweds Carey Wodehouse and Rob Burden’s style and wine exploits with special appearances from Eli the cat. Here Carey talks to us about Eli’s diva model attitude, her style icons, and, of course, caftans.

Carey from Corks and Caftans. Photos courtesy of Corks and Caftans.

When and why did you launch Corks and Caftans?

C&C was launched in the heinous winter of ’08, while I coped with the loss of my “hot-shot” ad agency job. Funny story: Napa honeymoon was over, I went back to work, poured a cup of coffee, and got let go. C&C is a product of finding the silver lining in that situation. We had passions and we needed an outlet to express how important they were to us––and finally had the time to do it. It became like a working resume.

Your blog mingles your love of fashion and style with your husband Rob’s love of wine, all with a very personal touch. What made you take this direction?

Every blog post could be a conversation we just had on the couch. We encourage each other to talk about what we love, so the blog happened organically. We saw blogs that were either very production-oriented or lacking anything to sink your teeth into. C&C is all us, a lifestyle. We wanted to connect with people at that level. When I’m reading a blog, if there’s only one line that lets you into the author’s life, I linger on it. It’s what I’m there for.

The photography has a very luxe, dramatic feel to it, which adds to the blog’s overall aesthetic. Who’s the photo guru, or is it a collaborative effort?

Oh, that’s Rob. He’s way more artistic than he gives himself credit for. We photograph not to document, but to convey our enthusiasm for the subject. The rich tones amp it up and make the photos more like a distant memory; less like “These are shoes. They are brown.”

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