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Thursday, October 29th 2009

Favorite Blogger: Garance Doré

At Shopbop, we spend a lot of time reading magazines and blogs, chalking it up to research (it is, we swear). And though our list of bookmarked sites is long, there are a few favorites we can’t help but check out every day. This week, we’re talking to the stylish ladies behind some of our favorite fashion blogs.

The stereotype goes that in the fashion world, it can be a rare thing to find genuine, kind, and truly considerate people, but French blogger, illustrator, and photographer Garance Doré has found two in international Vogue editors Anna Dello Russo and Carine Roitfeld. And we’ve found one in Garance herself. I talked with this charming blogger about photography, illustrations, her boyfriend Sartorialist Scott Schuman, and what it’s like to be in touch with fashion’s royalty.

Garance Doré at Milan Fashion Week. Photo by Scott Schuman.

When and why did you launch GaranceDore.fr?

I launched it three years ago out of frustration from my job, which was at the time being an administrator. I felt like I was very disconnected from the people who see my drawings because when they’re published in a magazine you have no feedback. I felt far away from the readers, so one day I decided to open a blog.

Your website transitioned from focusing on your illustrations to including photography. Do you prefer one over the other?

No, I think it’s all an organic energy. Photography inspires illustration, and illustration inspires photography. I couldn’t do one without the other.

What do you think is the biggest difference between the two?

Illustration is more like a dream representation, and it’s more difficult to grab. People will look at it, and they won’t identify with an illustration so much. But with a picture of someone they can really identify. And I think for fashion … it’s great to have pictures because you can show the actual clothes. With an illustration, you can show the feeling of the clothes.

Each of your posts includes a personal account about fashion or about the person you’re photographing or about the illustration, but you rarely show pictures of yourself. Now, I’ve seen pictures of you, and you have great style. Why don’t you feature yourself on your blog?

It’s not really a choice; it’s not my first interest. I like to talk about my life, but more in a funny way. I don’t know, I could do it, but my blog is my personal diary. I mean, I know what I look like, so I don’t need to show myself. On the contrary, I love to see other people because they inspire me.

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