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Tuesday, November 3rd 2009

Favorite Blogger: Jane from Sea of Shoes

At Shopbop, we spend a lot of time reading magazines and blogs, chalking it up to research (it is, we swear). And though our list of bookmarked sites is long, there are a few favorites we can’t help but check out every day. This week, we’re talking to the stylish ladies behind some of our favorite fashion blogs.

Incredible style, an enviable wardrobe, and a successful blog all before the age of 18? This is the life of Jane Aldridge, the stylish blogger behind Sea of Shoes. The Texas teen has been featured on countless websites and, most recently, in fashion’s bible, Vogue, for her fashion-forward, often daring sense of style. We talked to her about blogging, travel, and the things fashion fetishes are made of, shoes.

You started Sea of Shoes in 2007. What made you decide to launch a personal style blog?

I was inspired by my favorite bloggers like Kingdom of Style and Style Bubble. There were far fewer fashion blogs back then. Mine started as a fun weekend project.

Your style is so sophisticated for someone so young. What role do you think age plays in personal style?

I guess the older you get, the more sure you are of what you like and don’t like. For now I am happy to experiment with lots of different things.

You’re the epitome of a jet-setter. How do your travels to New York, Paris, Tokyo influence your style choices?

The biggest influence of travel on my style is that I love to shop for one-of-a-kind pieces when I’m abroad! But traveling definitely broadens your perspective on fashion, and it’s interesting to see how everyday fashion differs so much, especially in Paris and Tokyo.

Your focus, shoes, is the fetish of many a fashionable woman. What do you think it is that draws so many women to shoes?

Shoes say everything! To me, shoes are special because they are all so different, and beautiful shoes are so rare. Each shoe has a personality of its own. The fact is that there are a lot of ugly shoes in this world, and maybe that’s what makes beautiful shoes so special to us.

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