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Monday, October 26th 2009

Favorite Blogger: Jennine from The Coveted

At Shopbop, we spend a lot of time reading magazines and blogs, chalking it up to research (it is, we swear). And though our list of bookmarked sites is long, there are a few favorites we can’t help but check out every day. This week, we’re talking to the stylish ladies behind some of our favorite fashion blogs.

The Coveted is about style without compromise.” So says the mission statement of this favorite eclectic blog. Launched and managed by Jennine Tamm Jacob, The Coveted covers fashion, beauty, and all things style, showcasing Tamm Jacob’s own multifarious looks (if a person could get a master’s degree in mixing prints, she’d have it). Here she talks about why she started blogging, her sojourn in Europe, and her covetable sense of style.

Jennine Tamm Jacob, founder of The Coveted. Photos courtesy of The Coveted.

When and why did you launch The Coveted?

Well, The Coveted began in February 2007, and why, well there is a long story and a short story. The short story is I started The Coveted as a way to keep myself occupied. The long story is that I had been reading blogs avidly and was looking to change my career, so I started a blog to document what I was passionate about. It turned out I loved blogging about fashion so much it kind of overtook my life.

The Coveted mingles your personal style with favorite bloggers, runway highlights, and Sonja’s beauty posts. Is there a method to your blogging madness?

Haha. Not really. It's pretty much just madness. 

You recently got back from a spell abroad. How did living in Europe influence your style?

Being in Europe influenced my style in a way, but that's hard to quantify. I had always read European blogs and I went to university in London and my husband's German, so I think my approach to a lot of things is more international. But I would say that while I was there I hardly shopped at all. Buying is a whole different experience in Europe. I noticed that it's so easy to buy in America—we make it very tempting!

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