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Monday, October 27th 2008

first fashion

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I was reading a magazine article recently in which Victoria Beckham was asked a character-defining question: Heels or flats? Her response: “Heels! I can’t concentrate in flats!” I adore a woman who insists on dressing to the nines at all times, and with a sweeping yet jersey-casual sort of frock, you pretty much can without too many curious stares. Here are a few options for my next red carpet event or just a trip to Pick ‘N Save.

The brilliance of the magenta hue made me do a double take on this T-Bags design. And it’s extra nice that I’ll look just as good coming (an alluring bodice) as going (braided straps in back). T-Bags—Braided Straps Long Dress.


Athena, Aphrodite, Kate Moss—we all have our favorite goddesses. This Grecian-inspired Rachel Pally in Neptune green has me eager to brush up on the saucy love triangles of ancient mythology and Us Weekly. Rachel Pally—Ophelia Dress.


With this smart T-Bags dress you could fit right in with flip-flops at the beach or take full advantage of the plunging V and create your own coruscating rays of light with a neck full of Swarovski . T-Bags—Long Kimono Dress.

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