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Friday, January 30th 2009

first fashion:

Our Favorites from What's New
With all the talk of tough girls this season, I think it’s time to add a little edge to my own look. A few pieces that’ll get me there without going over the top:
Rocker chains are tempered brilliantly by multicolored topaz stones. Cynthia Dugan - Majestic Gems Scarf Necklace
Plain tee and jeans with ballet flats? A little ho-hum. But with these sandals? Rough-around-the-edges brilliance. Matt Bernson - KM Gladiator T Sandal
The definition of edgy, these artfully shredded leggings will vamp up any look. Leyendecker - Kerouac Ripped Leggings
Let your inner femme fatale out with styles from What’s New.

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