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Tuesday, March 31st 2009

first fashion

Our Favorites from What's New
What does Ksubi mean? If you look to Ksubi.com, you’ll find an uncensored, random stream of social commentary and wry humor: a YouTube video of a bushy-bearded Joaquin Phoenix rapping on the mic, drawings that recall Ralph Steadman’s tormented Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas sketches, snapshots of “excellent Tokyo babes,” couples making out on NYE, and P. Diddy accidentally stepping in sidewalk dog poo. For those who “get it,” Ksubi is an underground urban lifestyle, a melding of art, music, and current events that ultimately translates into killer jeans. Or as brand creators Dan Single and George Gorrow say: “Ksubi is a word to describe our movement and our creative collective. It has no other meaning than what we give it.”

In the future stores may stock cans of spray-on jeans, but until then these are painted-on perfection. Ksubi – Spray On Jeans


Who doesn’t need a pair of headline-grabbing, scandalously short shorts? Ksubi – Clam Mini Shorts


Ksubi knows a chick can’t possibly buck the establishment without these babies. Ksubi – Zip Super Skinny Jeans

Ksubi is a brand with something to say. Speak your mind, with a vocabulary from What’s New.

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