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Thursday, December 31st 2009

First Fashion: A Style Resolution

Now’s the time to formulate a resolution or two, but knowing myself as well as I do, I’m certain any hollow promise made (get to the gym four times a week; eat out less; read more Austen, less Us Weekly; etc.; etc.) will be broken almost as soon as it’s uttered. So rather than commit to a goal I won’t keep, I’m resolving to add pieces to my wardrobe that I know I’ll wear through the duration of 2010.

I have two robes: one a ratty leftover from college (say it with me, ew), the other a bright pink Christmas gift gone bad. This short jersey number feels altogether grown-up. Calvin Klein Underwear - Essentials Short Robe

Andrea Lieberman and cashmere—it’s an equation for fashion-forward luxe. This is the kind of classic that will always feel fresh. A.L.C. - Cashmere Cardigan

Would that all my casual basics were made by Vince. This one even comes fully accessorized. Vince - Long Sleeve Scoop Top

Skip the New Year’s resolutions and make a few fashionable promises instead, with styles from What’s New.

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