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Wednesday, September 30th 2009

First Fashion: Dressing Rationally

Taking my cue from the latest addition to Shopbop’s roster of fashion designers, Society for Rational Dress, I’m homing in on the comfortable side of fall fashion. The brand found its inspiration in Victorian London’s Rational Dress Society, a group of reformers who rejected the era’s constricting fashions in favor of more rational ways of dressing. At the root of this movement (and this post)? Comfort.

Plush style with an artisanal feel (check out those buttons!), this cardigan will bring comfort to jersey dresses or go-to jeans and tees. Society for Rational Dress - Cardigan

A forever-loved basic, this turtleneck has just the right amount of casual slouch to suit the season, but not so much it’ll be old news next year. Riller & Fount - Albany Long Sleeve Turtleneck

A voluminous silhouette cinched at the waist, this dress proves comfort doesn’t have to be casual. Rory Beca - Drape Dress with Rope Belt

Adopt your own version of rational fashion with styles from What’s New.

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