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Friday, January 29th 2010

First Fashion: Little Indulgences

I’ve been talking about my brother’s upcoming nuptials in Florida a lot lately (here, here, and to any unsuspecting stranger who will listen), and with good reason: his wedding will take me out of the cold and snow at the exact moment every year when winter starts to feel like it will never end. And so today, I’m using my February escape to justify snatching up a few new finds from What’s New.

Perfect for the flight to Florida, I’ll layer this diaphanous blouse with a cardigan, jeans, and flats for takeoff, and then ditch the cardigan and swap out the flats for K. Jacques sandals once I hit ground. Generra - Asymmetrical Button Blouse

A little something to wear the day of the wedding, this will lend a personal touch to my bridesmaid dress. Juliet & Company - Dahlia Bracelet

And a casual frock for the days before the wedding, the just-short-enough hem is family-appropriate and will still manage to showcase some sun-kissed (albeit of the spray-on variety) skin. Vena Cava - Omo Dress

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