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Wednesday, October 28th 2009

First Fashion: LNA Music Tees

Fashion and music: they’re a match for the ages. From Stevie Nicks to Steven Tyler, Madonna to Lady Gaga, musicians have influenced fashion and fashion has influenced musicians. And the latest in that delicious duo? Music Tees. Merging digital music and fashion, each tee is a wearable album cover, and each comes with a free playlist download featuring some of the music industry’s most promising up-and-comers. We’ve teamed up with LNA to create four exclusive tees, inspired by our hottest fall trends.

Pure ’80s fashion, this tee will turn even the most mild-mannered gal into a maniac on the dance floor. LNA - Material Girl Cropped Music Tee

An unexpected take on the military trend, this crop top is proving buttoned-up inspiration isn’t limited to refined jackets and leather boots. LNA - Wartime Cropped Flashdance Music Tee

Natural inspiration with a comfy slant, this hits the wanderer trend’s highpoints. LNA - Nomad Raw Edge Music Tank

And we couldn’t do a batch of music tees without drawing on our edgy rocker trend. LNA - Rocker Cropped Music Tee

The only thing left to do? Pick your musical delight, in What’s New.

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