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Monday, March 21st 2011

First Fashion: Natural Beauty

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When I was little I had a thing for rocks. I loved going to the lapidary shop, where my patient parents would let me sift through boxes full of pebbles, and the intervening decades have done nothing to quell my inner geologist. I still love the earthy, unique variations of real stones.

(1) This Jody Candrian ring plays up the dazzling qualities of pyrite, a stone often called fool’s gold for its ability to confuse Gold Rush panhandlers. Jody Candrian Jewelry – Black Quartz and Pyrite Ring

(2) This Maven necklace is studded with lapis lazuli, a deep blue stone that was a favorite with artists like Michelangelo, who ground it into a powder for painting those glowing Renaissance skies. Maven – Lapis Petal Necklace

(3) Named for its resemblance to the shifting blues of the Amazon river, a simple amazonite shines in this ginette_ny ring. ginette_ny – Round Amazonite Ring


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