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Wednesday, August 19th 2009

First Fashion: New Fall Brands

Today’s What’s New is on fire with new fall brands. Witness Kimberly Ovitz, an equestrian-turned-designer who seamlessly weaves a country estate undertone into sexy city staples; Luxury Rebel, a haute new footwear line inspired by the free spirit and music of the ’70s; and Retrosun, a collection of authentic vintage sunglasses from the likes of Gucci and Christian Dior.

Debauched preppy at its finest, this sweater is equal parts comfy and renegade. Kimberly Ovitz - Tinsley Ripped Sweater


Do I hear “Rebel Rebel” playing in the background? This pair is a sleek rendition of that Bowie glam-rock vibe, and they’re super comfortable to boot. Luxury Rebel - Jolie Patent Booties


This exquisite retro detailing is thoroughly relevant to right now. Retrosun and I have just begun a passionate love affair. Retrosun - Vintage Gucci Sunglasses

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