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Thursday, May 14th 2009

Free Arts NYC Annual Auction: A Chic-Fest for the Style Set and Chuck Bass?

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Every once in a while I find myself covered in glitter, glue, and puffy paint (I heart!) while volunteering at Free Arts Day, a Saturday arts festival for kids to build their creativity and self-confidence. I’ve been partnered with the silliest little girls who move from station to station leaving messy projects (and me!) in their sparkly dust, as well as meticulous boys who shock me with their eye for detail and desire to make the perfect gingerbread house (my kind of man). The kids have a blast, and I have an excuse to release my decoupage-loving inner 10-year-old.

These festivals are just one example of the amazing programs created by Free Arts NYC. Monday night I headed to their annual art auction hosted by Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein, Glenda Bailey of Harper’s Bazaar, and David Granger of Esquire (to name drop but a few). The people at Calvin Klein transformed their space in the Garment District into an art gallery and filled it with chic-ettes and hipsters alike.

Calvin Klein’s space in the Garment District was transformed into an art gallery for the auction.

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