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Wednesday, May 6th 2009

get a little help from your (customer service) friends

Customer Service Rep Jan measures a pair of jeans for a customer.

We admit that shopping at a brick-and-mortar boutique has its perks: our BFF is there to let us know if that jacket goes with this jumpsuit, and attentive shopgirls find the perfect size in a pinch and answer all our questions. So how do we get the benefits of in-person shopping at an online boutique?

Enter shopbop’s Customer Service reps: BFF and shopgirl rolled into one. Not only are they armed with solid fashion and retail experience and a passion for all things style, they have access to every last product on shopbop.

What does this mean for you? If those perfect pumps look a bit too narrow, give them a call and they’ll try on a pair. Need to know the exact rise of those skinny jeans in your size? Shoot them an email and they’ll measure it. Or, can’t decide if that Haute Hippie dress will look better with the Givenchy shoes or the Vera Wang shoes? Start a live chat with a rep and she’ll use her encyclopedic knowledge of the fit and look of every shopbop brand to style an outfit for you. With a willingness to measure, try on, or just touch and feel anything on shopbop, they take the guesswork out of online shopping.


As for knowing how your butt looks in those jeans? We can’t do that for you, but our simple return policy makes ordering something, trying it on, and returning it if it doesn’t fit effortless (and you can still get your real BFF’s opinion).

But don’t take our word for it. Check out feedback from shopbop customers:

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys! Your selection is great, placing orders is easy, and your return policy makes ordering clothes without trying them on totally painless. Your customer service staff is friendly, polite, and very helpful. All in all, you are my only online boutique! Xoxo.” –Shaila B.

“Shopbop has fantastic customer service! I’ve never had any issues with purchases, exchanges, or returns!” -Anonymous


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