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Friday, December 6th 2013

Get Handsome. Pop Up Flea & East Dane

Above: A selection of Michael & Randy's picks for Pop Up Flea on East Dane. Below, Randy Goldberg and Michael Williams.

This weekend will mark the seventh installment of Pop Up Flea, a unique menswear event founded by Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg. The event will take place at 82 Mercer St. in NYC, as well as online at Eastdane.com. We took a minute of the guys’ time to ask them about PUF.

EAST DANE: For the uninitiated, tell us a little about the Pop Up Flea.
RANDY GOLDBERG: It’s a one-weekend-at-a-time menswear store full of interesting items and staffed by good people. It's like a pop-up shop in the sense that it only lasts for three days. It's like a flea market in the sense that vendors rent a space and man their own mini-storefront.

EAST DANE: Where did the idea come from?
MICHAEL WILLIAMS: The Pop Up Flea was born, like many good things, over cocktails in Manhattan. We wanted to have a store, but we also wanted people to have a chance to meet and talk to the designers that make the stuff they love and wear.

EAST DANE: This weekend (December 6-8) marks the seventh installment of PUF, and it’s your biggest yet. Who can people expect to find there?
MICHAEL WILLIAMS: We have a lineup of over sixty different brands and vendors. Everyone from accessories designer Alexander Olch to Billykirk, plus bigger brands like Filson and Levi's Vintage Clothing.

EAST DANE: Any vendors you’re extra excited about this time around?
RANDY GOLDBERG: We're excited about everyone that is coming. We only invite great brands to participate. The litmus test is: Would we want to wear these clothes? All killer, no filler.

EAST DANE: We signed on as your online partner for the event, a first. How do you think East Dane fits with the PUF feel?
RANDY GOLDBERG: There's a lot of common ground between us and East Dane in terms of what we care about—well-made things, a great shopping experience, unique finds—so it's a natural partnership. Plus, we never thought in a million years PUF product would get the Amazon Prime treatment. That’s next level.

EAST DANE: How'd you choose the product that you selected for East Dane? Was there a guiding principle?
MICHAEL WILLIAMS: We have a supercomputer that computes a unique Pop Up Flea handsomeness algorithm that we had developed for this special East Dane shop. It chooses the most mathematically handsome selection of garments. Just kidding. We choose the stuff that we want to personally have in our closets. No computers, no robots, just good old-fashioned menswear.

Shop Michael & Randy’s East Dane picks.
Learn more about Pop Up Flea.

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