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Monday, October 27th 2008

Gone With the Wind

I took a long walk yesterday, listening to a This American Life podcast, and as the wind whipped my hair in every direction, I couldn’t help but think how fun it would have been to be wearing an airy dress instead of my jeans and jacket. Such a frock surely would have set me thinking of ocean breezes even though it was dried leaves rather than sea spray caught in the blustery gusts. So today I made it my goal to find a lightly ethereal dress that could be made winter-appropriate with the simple addition of tights, a cardigan, and boots.

The picks in the running for the title of Best Blowing in the Breeze Style? First up is the T-Bags Long Kimono Dress. The floor-grazing skirt will look so statuesque caught in a rippling breeze. Then there’s the Daughters of the Revolution Happy Dress with its brilliant burst of color and light-as-air chiffon. It’ll be equally gorgeous toned down with fall’s cozy accessories and then let loose for my tropical getaway (that’s yet to be planned). Also appearing in ethereal chiffon is the Petia Dress by Binetti. A dressier version of the airy look, it’ll play quite nicely on a wind-swept night out.


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