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Thursday, May 8th 2014

Here’s the Clutch

A white Moschino clutch adds cool edge to a feminine dress.

The first time I saw a clutch handbag, I scoffed, taking pride in my practical nature. But as I began to see more and more of these dainty bags on many lovely ladies, something changed. Now, I’m buying leather envelopes in every color and stuffing straps into cross-body bags so I can carry them shoulder-free. Here are my findings on my newest favorite trend.

First, the clutch never leaves you. It’s always there, front and center. It completes the outfit, moves with you, and gestures with you. When you find one you love, you may shamelessly wave it in the faces of others and chalk it up to being “animated.” It simultaneously showcases itself, the manicure, and the arm candy (ahem, the silver and gold kind).

This Kate Spade wicker clutch is the perfect pop of color in a summery look.

Contrary to popular belief, the clutch is harder to misplace than the cross-body. I would venture to say I’m not the only girl who’s draped a bag over something other than my shoulder. Surely many of us are familiar with the panicked run back into a restaurant to find our bags still thrown over the back of a chair, or left hanging on a bathroom stall door. Clutches, however, either wait in one’s lap or sit like a trophy on the table—your own little show-and-tell (and isn’t that why we buy nice things?).

Since its compact size forces one to stick with the essentials, the clutch encourages deliberate packing choices. So I can’t carry my phone charger, flask, and special-edition copy of Moby Dick with me, but did I really need these things at a dinner party anyway? Face it, ladies, there is no way to elegantly “rummage.” The woman with a clutch knows where she’s going, and what she’ll need once she’s there.

This tough-girl look is only elevated with the addition of an Oliveve leopard print clutch.

The clutch is chic and extravagant all at once, perfect for day-to-night transitions and look-at-me entrances. Now, it’s time to grab a clutch and never let go.


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