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Friday, March 1st 2013

He’s the Bop:  Nicola Formichetti

On Wednesday night, Nicola Formichetti will debut his Fall 2013 collection for Thierry Mugler. Half Italian, half Japanese, the designer and creative director has worked for cooler-than-cool magazines like Dazed and Confused, and hotter-than-hot popstars like Lady Gaga (the two still collaborate frequently).

The fun part:

Mr. Formichetti is also a Shopbop collaborator, and he's made an exclusive handbag that's only available through us. It's covered with his signature Nico Panda print, and already carried by fashion It girls like Leigh Lezark and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld.

After coveting (read: seriously considering running away with...) the new bag, we curled up with Mr. Gaga himself for an interview at New York's Standard Hotel.

FARAN KRENTCIL: You've been on the avant-garde fashion circuit for years, but Shopbop is a little bit different. When did you first find out about us?
NICOLA FORMICHETTI: It's true, I've worked on some really outrageous projects, but I'm always working with real girls. The singers, the models, the makeup crew, the assistants, the other editors—we may be making incredible creations but there are still real girls involved who love their denim and their little leather jackets and their boots, you know? So I've heard the women in my studio talk about Shopbop forever.

FK: Tell us about this bag...
NF: It's called the Muglerette, and it's part of my capsule collection of handbags for Mugler. You can carry it as a cross-body, over your shoulder, or just by the handle, and it's hand-painted with little pandas. Nico Pandas! 

FK: Are these the same Nico Pandas that show up as graffiti in London and Paris?
NF: Yeah, you've seen them?

FK: They're still in New York, like, along some of the walls in Chinatown. I think I saw one when I was going to the subway tonight...
NF: That's awesome! I like it when you take the subway to a fabulous party. you see inspiring things that you'd miss if you were in a town car, just texting on your phone the whole time.

FK: True story. Also, some of us aren't fabulous enough to have town cars.
NF: I think it's fabulous to put on a great dress and heels and get on the subway! It's like, old New York. It's tough and glamorous. And you can't get distracted on your phone.

FK: Speaking of phones. You were the fashion director on Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone video...
NF: I was.

FK: How many days did it take to get that song out of your head?
NF: I still hear it in my sleep. It's so catchy, right?

FK: I like the Glee version.
NF: What are you talking about?

FK: Never mind. Okay, last question. Your runway show is coming up. Is this new bag a hint about what we'll see on your Paris catwalk?
NF: Well this bag is only for Shopbop. Not even the Paris runways will have it—it's only for you!

--Faran Krentcil

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