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Thursday, November 17th 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend (This One’s For the Fellas)

Gifting season is officially upon us, and finding the perfect present for all your favorite folks can be a daunting task (to say the least). We’ve got clever and creative ideas for what to get all the ladies on your list.

Today, what to get your girlfriend. (Ladies, we suggest you forward this one to your guy.)

Clockwise, from left: Vanessa Gade necklace, DL & Co stationery set, Juicy Couture earbuds case, Malibu throw, Fallon bracelet.

A gift with a little thought can go a long way in earning points with your girlfriend. Jewelry’s always a good option, but steer clear of the been-done heart necklace and say you love her with an unexpected Vanessa Gade XO necklace, or remind her she’s adored—literally—with a slim bracelet by Fallon Jewelry.

Taking it a step further in the thoughtfulness department, gift her a DL & Co stationery set with your own love letter to her written on the first card. Or make her an old-school mix tape in a modern way: tuck a new iPod filled with songs both loving and playful into a Juicy Couture earbuds case.

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