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Thursday, September 3rd 2009

HOLY S*&#!!! Wardrobe Freak Out Fashion Week-Style

News from Our NY Editor at Large

New York Fashion Week starts in exactly seven days, and I have literally worn cutoffs for 90 days straight, avoided the dry cleaners at all cost, and, blame it on a cycle of pack-unpack-pack-unpack, managed to let my closet turn into something resembling a hurricane aftermath. My mother is going to kill me for putting the before image of my closet on the web, but I will just have to remind her that I’m also responsible for the after image—when I decided to take back my life and organize my closet over the weekend. Five hours, three breakdowns, and six bags for Goodwill later, I got my closet and thoughts organized enough to actually consider my wardrobe options for Fashion Week.

Before: summer closet (left). After: fall closet (right).

Last season I spent Fashion Week on camera, which meant that while I could have a tiny bit of fun with my accessories, my clothes needed to be basic. I had to avoid oversized prints (I love!), see-through fabrics (I die!), and too much black (my favorite color!). A wise fashion editor once told me to wear solid, brightly colored, tailored pieces when filming to help combat the ten pounds that, yes, the camera does add. This season, while I will be reporting from the tents, frolicking backstage, and event-hopping, I will be doing it with my reporter’s pad and voice recorder—bring on the leopard and the sheer!

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