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Saturday, July 20th 2013

How to Buy a Swimsuit: Advice from Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss

Swimsuit season is in full swing, but there may be some of you out there who are still putting off buying a new suit. Enter Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, who designs incredibly flattering swimwear for her namesake line, Shoshanna. She chatted with us about confidence, accessories, and finding the perfect swimsuit.

SHOPBOP: How do I narrow down what style to buy?
SHOSHANNA LONSTEIN GRUSS: It’s so important to wear a style that works for your body type. Try on different silhouettes and shapes to find one that flatters your figure, and remember, not all trends works for everyone.

SB: Any tips for feeling your best while trying on suits?
SLG: When you’re shopping for your summer swimsuit, make sure you’re bikini ready. I always say, shop for your suit the way you would go to the beach! You want to feel confident, so put some makeup on and a little self-tanner to get in the mood.

SB: How can I find a suit that best fits my body?
SLG: To me, fit is the MOST important thing to consider when finding the right suit. Keep in mind what you will be doing in your bathing suit. If your suit is more for lounging by the pool or on the beach, you can go with something a bit more fashionable, but if you’re planning to be active, look for a style that is functional and can handle movement. Many companies—like Shoshanna—sell bikinis as separates, so it's much easier to tailor the suit to your needs.

Designer Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss and her daughter, Sienna.

SB: How long will a suit last? Do I need to buy a new one every year?
SLG: I usually invest in a few new suits every year, but with proper care, your swimsuit can last several seasons. I always step right into the shower in my suit at the end of each day and give it a good rinse, then hang dry. Once summer is over, I give them a good soak in a delicate lingerie wash, then two good rinses in cold water before putting them away. I can never have too many swimsuits, so for me, the more the better!

SB: What is the best accessory to a great swimsuit?
SLG: I am a cover-up addict. Not only do I wear them to the beach, but as day dresses too. My favorite beach accessory, though, is Jennifer Meyer jewelry. I’ve always admired how chic European women wear their signature jewelry pieces at the beach, just as they would with any outfit —I think it looks sexy and unique. Delicate pieces are a great look, and a big straw tote from Mar Y Sol is also a must!

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